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Lake San Marcos Family Medicine is a practice group of Board Certified Medical Doctors specializing in family medicine, internal medicine, allergy & immunology, and neurology.

Vision and Mission

At Lake San Marcos Family Medicine, our Vision is to be the industry’s leading specialty medical clinic.

We seek to accomplish this through our Mission of developing and administering multi-disciplinary treatment programs administered by Board Certified medical doctors, and to administer such treatment with the highest degree of respect, compassion and care for every patient.

Our Commitment to You

We never quit on our patients as we are committed to serving and exhausting all known medical treatment alternatives to provide an excellent quality of life in the area of healthcare.

Integrity, ethics and values are not just words to us. Rather, they guide us in everything we do as we seek to bring our patients the very latest and best treatment programs.

Why us?

That is simple...

Your Health Is Our Priority

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